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Posted by Neil Ellis on

So here we are on a wet august morning... I'm drenched... my shoes are covered in double cream (little shopping accident!) and every duck seemed to laugh at me on my way in past the lake! But I'm in... Got a cuppa and fresh box of vinyl just turned up!

So this mornings discussion in the shop has been Albums that passed us by.

This was mine:  

Spin Doctors - Pocket Full Of Kryptonite 

It's 1991, I'm 13 and "if it ain't heavy then it's not in my collection" 

then one day I hear a song called "Two Princes" by the 'Spin Doctors' and the damn song gets stuck in my head. I'm singing it, I'm humming it and I'm even playing the thing on guitar! But no matter what... I wasn't going to let this lively, melody soaked track get the better of me!...

... What an idiot!.

This album is my ray of sunshine in this august downpour! It throws two fingers up to misery and gives angry a right good kick up the backside!

The album is a mix of funk and bluesy rock and the result is quite simply 🤘🏻

The album kicks off with "Jimmy Olsen's Blues" ... A catchy guitar riff or two and that's all it needs for some head nodding and foot tapping... oh and the statutory cool bluesy solo!

Track 3 "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong". This is a song dedicated to an ex... in the 'Glad she's gone' kind of way. But yet again it's a very catchy fun the music video and you'll see that Chris Barron (Singer) can hardly stop smiling

Then there's "Two Princes", The track that I battled as a 13 year old metal head... I should have given in as this is one album I'm very happy to have in my collection, My only regret is not buying the album when it was released.

Spin Doctors - Pocket Full Of Kryptonite is a great rock album that doesn't fail in what it sets out to do. 

This is a fun Saturday morning album!

And if any other days of the week get up in your face then give this a spin

Neil, Head Crow

Got an album that passed you by or a classic you've rediscovered? then email us at and we'll post it on our site


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